Are you a woman poker player that wants to stay up to date with women in poker and be the best that you can? Look no further! Women’s Poker World is the latest and greatest womens poker magazine for women in poker and casino gaming. The complete Women’s Poker Lifestyle Magazine! Its a women’s poker magazine that is designed specifically for women in poker by a female poker players. Its also designed around casino life by those that live and breath it! It includes poker strategy, womens poker news, profiles, lifestyle columns such as travel, finance and more!

Women’s Poker World is dedicated to players of all levels of poker and casino gaming and emphasizes encouragement, support and putting YOU, the woman poker player on the pedestal you should be on! If you have a story on a player, event or achievement, big or small, shoot it to us in an email and we will show you just what we mean!

We want to include YOU! Female poker players big and small are what we thrive on showcasing in our Womens Poker Magazine. There is no win, tournament or aspect of YOUR LIFE that we dont want to cover. As mentioned we want to have it all for you and are always open to new writers, new column suggestions and are happy to list most poker functions and events.

Most authors and contributors of Women’s Poker World have extensive history in poker and gambling lifestyle from the felt to being published writers at an elite level. We travel the world and know what its life to live the complete lifestyle.

Women’s Poker World Head Office is located in the Fabulous Las Vegas Nevada with its secondary office in The Land Down Under, Australia. Our trusty, dedicated & professional staff wish you a fabulous 2018 and we look forward to your continued readership and loyalty.


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