Cardplayer Cruises

Cardplayer Cruises is something you have likely heard about or seen during your time as a poker player. If you are lucky enough to have been on a Cardplayer Cruise than there is always the 2019 Cardplayer Cruise schedule for you to read so click below to go to theirRead More →

Curucao Visitors See Color and Tranquility

I knew that the Caribbean island of Curacao was unfamiliar to many Americans, but the flight attendant’s words still caught me by surprise. Announcing our destination, she stumbled over the pronunciation and admitted, “I don’t know how to say the name of that island.” Maybe the name — pronounced cure-a-sowRead More →

French Polynesia Islands

Viewed from the streets of downtown Papeete, gateway to French Polynesia, the towering four masts of the 148-guest Wind Spirit sailing yacht loom skyward, gleaming white in the dappled light, reaching toward low-hanging fickle clouds that debate whether to shower the city with a cooling tropical squall or tussle withRead More →

Sicily Travel Guide

 As poker players we all love to travel! Frequenting to various places for tournaments is something you love to do, right? Pop away the poker plans and read Women’s Poker News for your travel tips and hints and reviews on various places. In this case we are helping you getRead More →

No matter what your game if you are a woman it is likely that you are going to be packing to travel away internationally at some stage. If you are a female Poker Player however things can be a little tougher. Not only are you packing for a few fancyRead More →

Skiing can be expensive, especially for families. The option to rent skiing equipment is often much cheaper and more flexible then buying it outright for the whole family, and is even more useful for the young ones who grow out of things so fast. It is often tempting for holidaymakersRead More →