buying cryptocurrency to gambling in Las Vegas

Questions answered in advice columns are a common thing. One of the latest questions sparked our attention. It compares buying cryptocurrency to gambling in Las Vegas. Question: I was at a dinner party recently, and several of my friends were talking about how much money they had made on bitcoin.Read More →

Moms over USA on housework and children

Dear Annie: This is in response to “Tired in Rural Oregon,” whose kids are slobs and whose husband doesn’t care. I told my kids if they didn’t pick up their messes, I would hire a “maid.” One day, they came home to a clean, organized house. I said the “maid”Read More →

Weekly Horoscope 2018

It’s a common experience: You arrive in a new room only to realize you’ve forgotten why you entered. Blame it on the door. Passing through doorways has a scientifically proven effect on memory. You can use this to your advantage this week. The Aquarius new moon on Thursday, Feb. 15,Read More →

National Salute to Veteran Patients

Dear Annie: In the past year, the Department of Veterans Affairs has tackled many issues for our veterans, and we are proud to participate in the largest transformation of VA in recent history. ( Taking time to appreciate Veterans is important ). Our volunteers and community partners form a largeRead More →

Weekly Horoscope 2018

We’ve all eaten hot food that burned our mouths — but only once, right? Ha! Once a week is more like it. Why are some lessons so hard to learn? It’s because they’re not lessons. They are animal impulses (for instance, the impulse to eat what’s in front of youRead More →

Weekly Horoscope 2018

Weekly Horoscopes 2018 – Once in a blue moon there’s a blue moon — and Wednesday is it. The full moon will be the second of the month. A supermoon and total lunar eclipse make the cherry atop this looney-blue sundae. The Leo lunar energy is playful, if self-important, withRead More →

Dear Annie: My 20-something children attend school in other cities. On occasion, they have asked to bring their current boyfriend or girlfriend home for a visit to meet the family. The friend then stays in a separate room for a night or two. The problem is my husband. He getsRead More →

Weekly Horoscope 2018

Just as chasing happiness is one of the surest ways to make it run from you, seeking spiritual evolution can lead to hyper self-involvement and the limited perception and experience that comes from believing in but one idea of righteousness. In this first full week of the sun’s sojourn inRead More →

Weekly Horoscope 2018

This week welcomes the first new moon of the year, a lunar influence of electrifying, if quiet, ambition. Life unfolds like a swift kick wherever it’s most needed to get some forward momentum. Inspiration may come from surprising places. The one who will catalyze your dormant potential may be someoneRead More →

Weekly Horoscope 2018

Mars and Jupiter align in Scorpio with serious intent. This conjunction invites subconscious desires and fears to join the party in the conscious realm. Once you realize what’s really driving you, it will be extremely difficult not to do something about it. Mars is driven to action, and Jupiter agrees.Read More →

Dear Annie: I have a friend who talks very loudly. It’s quite annoying and irritating. She’s so loud that it sounds as though she’s angry or upset. Friends and family members have asked me numerous times why she talks so loudly. I have asked her nicely a million times toRead More →