Business Is a Poker Game

Parts One and Two said that poker is an excellent teacher for business people because many poker skills and concepts directly relate to business. They applied poker principles to three important business issues: Choosing games that fit your strengths, weaknesses, and situation. Accepting that business is complicated. Using feedback loopsRead More →

Business Is a Poker Game

Part One said that poker is more similar to business than sports, chess, and most other games.  Many business books use those games as teaching tools, but hardly any of them use poker. It’s a shame because readers could learn more from poker. For example, the most important poker decisionRead More →

Business Is a Poker Game

Because it’s so similar to business, poker is a far better teacher about business than sports, chess, and many other teaching metaphors. Yet dozens of self-help books use sports and other games, while hardly any books use poker. Poker has been neglected primarily because it’s not “respectable.” Some people seeRead More →

poker time clock strategy

Many people look beyond the obvious use of a poker time clock and strategy for using time in their play online. Poker time clocks, what are they for? Can they be used as a bomb, a lethal weapon? You all know what they are for, no question! That’s not whatRead More →

Gambling Laws and Morals

So, would you play poker against President Donald Trump? Most people will simply do a quick calculation and answer yes or no. When it comes to negotiations, business and poker though, one should maybe think a little harder. The psychology of poker is discussed in detail in this show. DuringRead More →

Omaha Rules for Beginners

Below is how to play and also the basic rules of omaha. This strategy article is Omaha Rules for Beginners only. Omaha is much like the popular and always booming Texas Hold’em poker. There is however one huge difference between the two. The main difference between Omaha and Texas Hold’emRead More →

Let’s first define the word equilibrium. It is a stable situation in which forces cancel one another. In cancelling one another they are EQUAL. A condition in which all acting influences are cancelled by others, resulting in a stable, balanced, or unchanging system. The word equilibrium is used beyond pokerRead More →