Celebrate Life with poker

Betty White is a name almost everyone knows. The 97 year old female actress has just celebrated her birthday in true style. Betty Celebrated with cake and poker. Betty rang in 97 years with a poker night, complete with close friends who she’s played the game with for years. Poker is one of the amazing sports where all ages can play. To celebrate with poker like Betty did is something we can all do!

Here are some ways you can incorporate the game of poker into celebrations!

Have a Poker Birthday Celebration

This is an obvious way to celebrate life with poker. Maybe it wasn’t until Betty White did. Some drinks, food a deck of cards and a table is all that is needed. Add a few balloons, a birthday cake (poker themed if you like) and the birthday celebration is set!This is truly a way to celebrate with poker.

See in the New Year

What better way to celebrate the new year than a poker tournament with friends. Add some bubbly, watch the fireworks and play until the break of dawn. You may wake up richer and kick the new year off with more pennies as an added bonus.

Thanksgiving Fun

It doesn’t have to be all about the turkey. A family game of poker could add closeness and conversation to your thanksgiving celebrations. Clear the table and set up the cards and chips this next Thanksgiving.

Australia Day, 4th of July and More!

Have some fun in the sun with some full houses and some straights the next time you celebrate the birth of your country. So long as there isn’t any wind you can celebrate life with poker on these days too.

Bucks Parties, Hens Parties or Bachelor Parties (whatever you call them)

Shuffle up and deal with your closest friends before you say I do! You can have “pre game” drinks and a game of poker before hitting the town and painting the carpet red.

Did Anyone Say Christmas?

Christmas can be one of the most boring days or nights of the year. Sure, the kids have their new toys to play with but the adults can play too! Even better is bringing the kids in for a game, a friendly game of poker. Everyone is tired by the end of day and this is a great way to relax.

If you are 97 like the fabulous Betty White just turned or 10 years old, you can play a game of poker and celebrate life together….. no matter what the occasion. I think its safe to say that the game of poker is for everyone and every occasion. Celebrate life with poker and be sure to send us your poker snaps!


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