Fashion Trends 2019

Even though most of us are still wrapped up in our puffer coats or in our swimwear (depending on your side of the world), the fashion winds are blowing in the balmy trends for a new season. And, it’s time to loosen up and go with the flow of breezy designs, tropical prints and, yes, even bike shorts. Here’s the shortlist of the spring runways’ latest trends:

Dress Styles

Frilly dresses. In the softest of fabrics, such as chiffon and satin, the dress is all dressed up this spring with feathers, ruffles, ruching and bows. The short babydoll dress is back! It’s time to feel like a princess again and give these frilly dresses a whirl.

Blazer Styles

The bold blazer. The huge jackets that had a moment last fall are shaping up to be a little more tailored: The soft, belted styles are favorites when worn with short skirts, cropped ankle trousers or even board shorts.

Short Styles

Cycling shorts. While these surfaced on a few celebrities last year — like the Kardashians and Gigi Hadid — fashion designers such as Karl Lagerfeld at Chanel put them on the runways for spring and summer. The trick is to style them like a “suit,” with jackets that don’t look like you’re going to the gym or actually riding a bike. This is one trend you might want to skip!

Fun Mixed Prints

Print mixing. One of the fastest ways to put a little spring in your step in the months to come is to mix up your prints from head to toe. From animal prints to stripes to tropical florals to checks, put them all together and have fun! If you shy away from all the crazy, mixed-up prints, then stick to one motif, such as polka dots.

Crochet Is Back

Crochet and more. The boho hippie grows up this spring and gets hooked on new interpretations of crocheted dresses and tunics. Lace also takes on more of a vintage ’70s look in casual, sporty pieces. And the handbag du jour? Crocheted of course!

Tie Dye Is Back

Anything tie-dye. When the top designers put a new spin on an old favorite like tie-dye, you know it’ll be a hit. Tie-dye, a favorite ’60s fashion trend, is once again revived in everything from T-shirts to shift dresses to swimsuits.

Earthly Cargo Pants

Cargo pants. In earthy khaki colors, the utility trend is back in full force this spring, in updated cargos, cropped with straight legs or full and high-waisted. Pair the new “combat” pants with feminine blouses and strappy heels for a contemporary twist. Jumpsuits are also a big part of this trend, as are oversize anorak jackets.

Denim Styles

Bleached-out denim. Spring is the perfect time to bring on the washed-out blues that look like you’ve dunked them in a bucket full of bleach. Look for the acid-wash denim to show up in patch-pocket jeans, jackets and vests to wear with the season’s sugary pastels. After years of ripped-up denim, the dipped denim is now the way to fast-track your spring style.

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