Gambling Laws and Morals

Dr Nick & The Hot Aussie Chick talk about Dr Nick not being paid out a guaranteed poker tournament in Australia. How often does this occur? How do you ensure you are safe with the operators you choose to play with? The blackjack and poker duo hope you are decent when it comes to morals. How can anything giving poker a bad name be acceptable? It is just not acceptable and below their moral grounds. Gambling Laws and morals are important things to most people in the gambling industry.

Doctor Nick and HAC have further discussions are about who is doing the wrong in their eyes at the moment. Dr Nicks court case updates come into the shows and why we have been in incognito. They also thank Bob Dancer very much for coming along last week and the up and coming planned discussions with the worlds best gaming attorneys on some current gaming issues you are likely all to see or face at some stage.

Gambling Laws and morals are something that we all should stand up for. We believe it is imperative that if you see Gambling Laws and morals being broken down that you report them. You never know who you are going to save. Its possible you could save hundreds of players thousands of dollars. If you think about it, you never know how your actions could stop a world of pain.


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