HOROSCOPES 24th December to 31st December Venus makes a change on Christmas Eve, joining the holiday party in Capricorn. She’s a bit formal in this part of the sky, so don’t be surprised if the festivities lean toward the traditional with plenty of rules to follow and responsibilities toRead More →

Pop goes the cork and the search is on for the perfect dress to ring in the New Year. Finding just the right party dress can be the perfect solution to holiday dressing. For the season ahead, you can’t go wrong with a “one-hit-wonder.” When you need to make anRead More →

During the winter months, the weather and environment can really affect your eyes, and this can often be forgotten about. Here are some common eye problems people can suffer with during winter and tips on how to combat them. Dry Eyes During winter, the weather is colder and windier andRead More →

Let’s first define the word equilibrium. It is a stable situation in which forces cancel one another. In cancelling one another they are EQUAL. A condition in which all acting influences are cancelled by others, resulting in a stable, balanced, or unchanging system. The word equilibrium is used beyond pokerRead More →

Rome was built on the last day. The above line is a common project management adage. It means that things get done at the last minute, even if there was enough time to plan well. It is human nature to prioritise things on the basis of the pleasure principle –Read More →

When there is action around, a lot of the time you will see Action Ashley right there near it. This time, Ashley Hine and her husband David Hine are taking that action to a higher level, to The Wall! Climbing heights is right down the alley for this cute allRead More →

It’s not often we see women taking down 1/5th of events at any poker series, when it comes to the female players of New Caledonia though it seems we can expect it. The APT Noumea 2017 saw some high-quality players hit the felt and Valarie Podjeska and Sophie Auger whoRead More →

Skiing can be expensive, especially for families. The option to rent skiing equipment is often much cheaper and more flexible then buying it outright for the whole family, and is even more useful for the young ones who grow out of things so fast. It is often tempting for holidaymakersRead More →