Business Is a Poker Game

Part One said that poker is more similar to business than sports, chess, and most other games.  Many business books use those games as teaching tools, but hardly any of them use poker. It’s a shame because readers could learn more from poker. For example, the most important poker decisionRead More →

Cardplayer Cruises

Cardplayer Cruises is something you have likely heard about or seen during your time as a poker player. If you are lucky enough to have been on a Cardplayer Cruise than there is always the 2019 Cardplayer Cruise schedule for you to read so click below to go to theirRead More →

Gambling Laws and Morals

Dr Nick & The Hot Aussie Chick talk about Dr Nick not being paid out a guaranteed poker tournament in Australia. How often does this occur? How do you ensure you are safe with the operators you choose to play with? The blackjack and poker duo hope you are decentRead More →

women's poker club

Associations, leagues, groups or clubs? A group of women in poker is basically a women’s poker club, right? In any event, 2019 has seen the strengthening of women in poker like never before. Though the year has just started with few women only poker tournaments playing at the moment. BehindRead More →

Organizing Your Poker Clothing for 2019 tshirts

It may be a New Year’s resolution we can all relate to: getting organized! And that usually means cleaning out our closets and organizing your poker clothing. Getting organized is one of many players top priorities this year. Here are a few ideas to try. Maybe you can join in,Read More →

Business Is a Poker Game

Because it’s so similar to business, poker is a far better teacher about business than sports, chess, and many other teaching metaphors. Yet dozens of self-help books use sports and other games, while hardly any books use poker. Poker has been neglected primarily because it’s not “respectable.” Some people seeRead More →

buying cryptocurrency to gambling in Las Vegas

Questions answered in advice columns are a common thing. One of the latest questions sparked our attention. It compares buying cryptocurrency to gambling in Las Vegas. Question: I was at a dinner party recently, and several of my friends were talking about how much money they had made on bitcoin.Read More →

Sociopath in the Poker Scene

There are sociopaths walking the poker scene, one or two may stand out more than others. Some of them are high-functioning sociopaths, some of them are low functioning psychopaths. They all have one thing in common though – all of them lack empathy. All sociopaths are antisocial (don’t have closeRead More →

Gambling Laws and Morals

Dr Nick and The Hot Aussie Chick return after some time with Video Poker Legend Bob Dancer. Sadly the HAC (Hot Aussie Chick) couldn’t be part of the show due to some technical difficulties. What’s video poker all about, who is Bob Dancer, where can you learn? How much moneyRead More →