Home Gardening Made Easy for the Traveller

Plants are a beautiful addition to any home or apartment. They liven up the room, add color and provide the calming benefits of nature. However, while there are many wonderful bonuses to having plants in your house, one potential negative is maintaining your plants on a regular basis, especially if you’re a poker player who travels often or works long hours. Some people just might not have the greatest track record when it comes to keeping plants alive. Luckily, there are various houseplants to choose from, some of which are incredibly low maintenance. Poker Players Low Maintenance Home Gardening is likely for you!

If you’re a new plant parent, succulents are very easy to care for and a great place to start your houseplant journey. Within the succulent family, the snake plant is one of the front-runners for the “most tolerant plant” award according to Gardening Know How. These elegant plants grow upright and can go for weeks without being cared for or watered. They don’t require much light and won’t attract insects as some others may. There are different kinds of snake plants, so check out your local nursery to find the one that works best for your home!

Another way to ease into the plant game is with an aloe plant, which is also a succulent. When watering the aloe plant, you will want to soak it in water, but it’s equally as important to have draining holes so that the plant doesn’t drown; leave it dry between waterings. Unlike snake plants, you’ll want to keep this succulent in direct bright light for most of the day, so if you live in a darker home, this isn’t the plant for you. Aside from the ease of caretaking, aloe vera is also used as a medicinal solution for many different ailments such as burns, cuts or dry skin. This plant can be cooked or eaten raw — in fact, many juiceries charge a pretty penny to add a touch of aloe to their green juice or smoothie options on the menu.

Another plant that requires minimal upkeep is a tall, beautiful ficus called a rubber tree plant. You should keep it in an area of the house that gets sunlight, but not direct sunlight for long periods of time; it thrives in temperatures between 60 and 80 degrees. Keep in mind that this houseplant can grow up to 8 feet tall, so make sure you’ve got the space to host it!

If you’re looking for a shorter candidate on height spectrum, you can purchase yourself a spider plant, which, as you may have guessed, has long leaves that thin out in a way that makes them look like spider legs. Unlike the other plants, spider plants require consistent watering, so if you’re constantly on the road, you may want to wait on this little beauty. It’s common for the leaves to turn slightly yellow or brown, so trim them when needed.

When it comes to a Poker Players Low Maintenance Home Gardening plant selection, succulents really make the perfect introductory plant. They can be purchased in different sized pots and baskets and thrive in most situations. Plus, they are absolutely adorable to look at and can be moved from your desk to your nightstand to the kitchen! Whichever type of plant you decide on, you will, over time, learn to trust that inner green thumb of yours with a little bit of help from sites such as https://www.gardeners.com, http://www.hgtv.com and https://www.gardeningknowhow.com to help you along the way.

You may also want to consult a local nursery or garden store to hear any additional suggestions they may have. And of course, starting small and working your way up to bigger or higher-maintenance plants is a surefire way to get your confidence up. Many gardeners recommend either naming your plants or communicating in some way — whatever works for you if you believe in that. Hey, it can’t hurt, right? Happy gardening, and congratulations on your new plant babies! You are now in the Poker Players Low Maintenance Home Gardening Club!

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