Here is a photographic list of female poker player blogs for you to view. The poker blogs are listed in no particular order with some women being professionals and others sharing life journeys. The list will be updated day after day to add more of your favorite reads & showcase women in poker. Women’s Poker World hope you learn a lot from the female poker playing bloggers in our field.

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If you know of a female poker player blog that isn’t listed, or you have a blog to list, please email You do not have to be a big name celebrity poker player to have your blog indexed, simply be a professional in our industry and have a decent blog. No need to even talk poker! Just be a player or industry representative.

Enjoy reading Women’s Poker World Professional Female Poker Player Blogs list and be sure to drop us a comment to tell us what you think!


Professional WOman Poker Player Maria Ho Blog
Name: Maria Ho
Country: Taiwan/USA
Professional Female Poker Player Jackie Glazier Blog
Name: Jackie Glazier
Country: Australia
Professional Female Poker Player Blog Vanessa Selbst
Name: Vanessa Selbst
Country: USA
Professional Woman Poker Player Victoria Coren Mitchell Blog
Name: Victoria Coren
Country: England
Professional Female Poker Player Lacey Jones
Name: Lacey Jones
Country: Canada






Women In Poker Annie Duke Website
Name: Annie Duke
Country: USA
Professional Female Poker Player Blog Liz Lieu
Name: Liz Lieu
Country: Vietnam
Professional WOman Poker Player Liv Boeree Blog
Name: Liv Boeree
Country: England
Hot Aussie Chick Blog
Name: Danielle Benham
Country: Australia
Female Poker Player Katharine Arnsby
Name: Kat Arnsby
Country: England
Professional Female Poker Player Blog Katja Thater
Name: Katja Thater
Country: Germany
Famous Female Poker player Shannon Elizabeth
Name: Shannon Elizabeth
Country: USA

Lithuanian Poker
Name: Daiva Barauskaite
Country: Lithuania