Sociopath in the Poker Scene

There are sociopaths walking the poker scene, one or two may stand out more than others. Some of them are high-functioning sociopaths, some of them are low functioning psychopaths. They all have one thing in common though – all of them lack empathy. All sociopaths are antisocial (don’t have close friends, you are kept as a pawn or associate); they ignore the rules and laws of society so they can live by their own internally made rules. Cold, callus, calculating and dictators at times, they stop at nothing to get what they want, and they are impervious to consequences and punishment or they think they won’t be exiled by their “associates”. Do you know of a sociopath in the poker scene? Read on and see if you can find anyone that may fit the description.

Every Sociopath is Different

Despite these commonalities, not every sociopath in the poker scene is created equal. As with everything else in life, there are individual differences between each sociopath in the poker scene. Some sociopaths are more effective at being who they are than are others. Those exceptionally skilled are often dubbed high-functioning sociopaths. You can sometimes never guess they are due to their predominantly charming ways.

How do you spot a Sociopath in the Poker Scene?

Highly functioning sociopaths are adept at turning into a Chameleon and showing people only what people want to see. They learn VERY QUICKLY what makes people tick, and they know just how to manipulate you. This type of sociopath has superior intelligence, as demonstrated by observed behavior, past and IQ tests and also:

  • possesses impeccable social skills and charm;
  • often comes from a strong family background;
  • is driven and she knows what she wants, and she knows how to get it;
  • is calculating, cleverly assessing a situation and purposely planning action;
  • is patient and willing to work people and situations until the time is right for her to make her move. She then dumps people when they are no longer required.
  • She remains at least several moves ahead of the rest of society, and no one suspects a thing.

Whatever it is she wants, she is likely to get it. The high-functioning sociopath can cause a lot of damage. Do they even cry and have feelings?

Low Functioning Sociopaths Are Unlikely in Poker

Due to the skills required in poker and poker related businesses, there generally are not many, if any, low level, low functioning sociopaths to be found. In short, low level sociopaths are uneducated, slow and seemingly less calculating. In the game of poker these slow movers are much more easily found out. They give away tells in general public so clearly poker is no place for them to hide their ways.

How Much Can they Take?

In contrast, a high-functioning sociopath is great at what he does. He also can cause physical, emotional, and financial damage to anyone he so chooses. He’s more deliberate about it, though. Whereas a low-functioning sociopath can con someone out of hundreds of dollars, the high-functioning sociopath predator can manipulate, lie, cheat, his way into a fortune. Most female sociopaths it seems are loaded to the hills with money due to their “bad relationships” which have resulted in huge divorce settlements. They are also prominent in “higher society” due to these dollars and convincing ways.

What Damage Can they Cause?

All sociopaths are dangerous whether labeled high-functioning, low-functioning. A high-functioning sociopath can dream bigger and manipulate better than other sociopaths. They can cause a great deal of damage to the people around them, especially their pockets, businesses, business names and their mental and emotional health.

Do YOU Know One? Who Comes to Mind?

Do you know a Sociopath in the Poker Scene? Don’t be scared to let your poker friends know. You may save them more heartache than imaginable. Be careful though, their charm and wit could have your associates so convinced of their purity they will hand over their last blind before listening to you.

According to Poker Fraud Alert posts, psychology posts and many Quora questions, Poker is a BREEDING GROUND for these people. And, according to many other psychological articles that can be googled, you may find them as a new or up and coming leader that leaves a path of destruction as they use the ones they lead as slaves as they take all the credit and show their pretty smiles in the limelight.

The writer of this article gives many thanks to the many writers and psychologists that the information was derived from to assist the poker community. Some of the text is verbatim from the worlds leading psychs.

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