Online Poker Player Millionaires

It is without a doubt a thorn in many peoples buttocks that online poker has been banned here, there, just about everywhere! Fortunately it has not stopped many online poker players from playing the game they love. Serious online poker players have had to adjust to online bans. Many of the players have gone as far as to move to the other side of the world. This movement is generally by the elite players. These players all now having something in common: They have secret lives! Let’s take a look at the lives of Online Poker Player Millionaires.

We can not just jump out and name names. Doing that wouldn’t be morally right. Some online poker players move countries because of other reasons than online poker bans. These reasons include taxation avoidance, lower living costs and sometimes just to be near each other. It hasn’t been uncommon to find group houses of online poker player millionaires. They live together, study together and play at the same time. It was once reported that a lavish beach house was located with 20 of them living in it. Does the story sound familiar? If not, read on.

These days with the online poker ban, players have had too much at stake to risk using VPN’s and playing poker illegally. With nothing to lose and everything to gain they have shifted from the USA, Australia and more to countries such as Mexico, Brazil and many parts of Europe. This is their livelihood after-all. Players continue to play and make a living, again, back in share house situations.

Players have maids, cooks, errand runners and more. While not playing online poker they are living a rather fabulous lifestyle of partying on yachts, beaches and in high profile clubs.They have left their families behind, made new friends and learned all about new cultures and ways of life. While they do all this they bank cash. They all hope that one day they will be able to play in any country they choose. This gives them the freedom to also travel. Most we have spoken to love the current location they live and have no plans to move back to the country they came from.

Their play style has dramatically changed though with less being jammed in one room together all in a row. Most choose to play in their own spaces now. Their games are (approximately) $60 minimum for 6 max grinder sit and go’s right through to the majors tournament buy-ins on Sundays. Keep in mind, most multi-table. Its a little harder to drag or pull out information on their online cash game play. Though, can you blame them for not fessing up?

I suppose this paints a pretty good picture. You have groups of players scattered over the world in countries where online poker is legal. These players are still earning a lot of money and living lifestyles most of us could only dream of. There are always downsides though. Two of them are study and system upgrades.

Technology and mathematics is forever changing and one thing Online Poker Player Millionaires know is to make money you have to keep up with the times. Having an excellent computer system is a must with back up everything (mouse, keyboard, screen and wings) most importantly POWER. They also spend ridiculous amounts of time studying. When you get to the stage where you are an elite online poker player, you must do everything you can to get an edge. If you can have the smallest advantage over your opponent due to new age poker mathematics you can bet you need to learn it. As with anything, job standards must be upheld. New things must be learned.

Do the worlds Online Poker Player Millionaires have any complaints? Yes, they do. Online poker players abroad miss their families and friends of old. Missing their own cultures and foods is only natural, but its nothing a care pack can’t help ease. They miss having the chance to play with reputable online poker providers in their own countries and the freedom to choose. All in all though they are happy – especially the ones that continued their online poker playing careers from where they started.

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