Woman Poker Player Liv Boeree Raising for Effective Giving

Most people in poker have heard of Liv Boeree, if you haven’t, you are about to! Like many women in poker, Liv has a kind, gentle and thoughtful mind and heart beyond her strong poker table presence. With these most loved attributes comes giving. Liv is this weeks Women’s PokerRead More →

Weekly Horoscope 2018

We’ve all eaten hot food that burned our mouths — but only once, right? Ha! Once a week is more like it. Why are some lessons so hard to learn? It’s because they’re not lessons. They are animal impulses (for instance, the impulse to eat what’s in front of youRead More →

getting fit with fido

Exercising the body and mind is important for everyone, including man’s best friend. Enthusiastic and full of energy, dogs can make great running partners, whether for companionship or accountability in your yearly fitness goals. But to be the best puppy parent possible, it’s important to know how healthy your dogRead More →

Women Poker World Closet Clean out Fashion Rescue

As the new year wanes and our resolutions weaken, cleaning out our closets seems more overwhelming than ever. After all, we’ve still got a few months of wearing those winter coats, right? Well, don’t let your good intentions grow cold. Here’s something to get you inspired: it’s the short listRead More →

Ladies Poker Week Las Vegas 2019

Ruth Hall, a forefront for women in poker is at it again. Ruth has organized a fun way to get to the Ladies Poker Week Las Vegas Breakfast this year. As usual ladies will be enjoying an awesome breakfast and making great bonds at breakfast. The Limo Party Bus SetRead More →