2019 Best Female Poker Players

Cash games aside we thought we would look at our highest ranked female poker players when it comes to tournament play for the start of 2019. At the end of 2019 it will be interesting to see if there is much of a change in the 2019 best female poker players list.

Here are the current top 20 female poker players of 2019, their ranking, country, and cash total.

1st United States Vanessa Selbst $ 11,851,382
2nd United States Kathy Liebert $ 6,223,469
3rd United States Annie Duke $ 4,270,548
4th Norway Annette Obrestad $ 3,942,232
5th England Liv Boeree $ 3,795,956
6th United States Vanessa Rousso $ 3,554,327
7th Taiwan Joanne Liu $ 3,229,498
8th Argentina Maria Constanza Lampropulos $ 3,003,065
9th United States Maria Ho $ 2,954,325
10th United States Loni Harwood $ 2,918,381
11th United States Jennifer Harman $ 2,739,645
12th England Victoria Coren Mitchell $ 2,470,239
13th Canada Kristen Bicknell $ 2,315,526
14th Taiwan Hui Chen-Kuo $ 1,953,325
15th Canada Xuan Liu $ 1,948,017
16th Germany Sandra Naujoks $ 1,789,239
17th United States Barbara Enright $ 1,669,978
18th United States Clonie Gowen $ 1,639,064
19th United States Mimi Tran $ 1,627,369
20th France Lucille Cailly $ 1,547,204

At the end of 2019 we will place the top 2019 Best Female Poker Players up and again, see how its changed. One thing for certain, even after her announced retirement from professional poker playing, our number 1 ranked female poker player is going to be hard to catch in just 1 year!

Undoubtedly many of these names will go onto be not only the 2019 Best Female Poker Players but the best female poker players of all time. It is also without doubt that the USA leads the way in all time female poker player rankings.

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