Gardening Resolutions for 2019

Have you ever had a dream where you woke up in the middle of the night and found yourself talking to the ghosts of all the plants you killed over the past year? Me either. But I do think about why some of the plants that I was trying toRead More →

are you a workaholic

When career becomes life and there are virtually no boundaries in between, work is no longer a connection. How could it possibly be? There’s nothing it can connect you to! In the same way an alcoholic hides behind a bottle, you could be using your work (or rather, be aRead More →

community vegetable garden

Community gardens have a varied history around the world. They are defined by the Marin Master Gardeners as “any piece of land gardened by a group of people, utilizing either individual or shared plots on private or public land.” In addition, “the land may produce fruit, vegetables, and/or ornamentals. CommunityRead More →

Home Gardening Made Easy for the Traveller

Plants are a beautiful addition to any home or apartment. They liven up the room, add color and provide the calming benefits of nature. However, while there are many wonderful bonuses to having plants in your house, one potential negative is maintaining your plants on a regular basis, especially ifRead More →

Pre Wedding Showers for Him and Her

Gone are the days of bridal showers and only celebrating the bride before she gets married. Today’s couples are changing it up to celebrate both the bride and the groom before the big day. This is with Wedding couples showers! A wedding couple shower is more like a cocktail orRead More →

Nowadays, getting engaged is no longer as simple as getting on one knee, presenting a diamond ring, and asking the important question: Will you marry me? If you’re thinking of weddings and popping the question to your loved one any time soon, here are a few creative proposals for inspiration.Read More →

Wacky Weather Gardening Tips

You spent hours plotting your vegetable garden out on paper, checked the calendar for recommended planting dates, purchased saplings and ordered the very best seeds you could afford. Then came the hours of bending and kneeling and carefully planting the promised delectables when suddenly, you hear the weather forecast ItRead More →

Female Poker Player Dangers

High School Reunion and Facebook Danger is something that should be acknowledged more often. High-school reunions are dangerous. Facebook is dangerous. When you put the two together: POW! Jeannie had a crush on Kevin in high school, so when he asked her if she’d like to have a drink whenRead More →

It can be easy to lose track of the finer relationship details in the hustle and bustle of wedding planning and house hunting. However paradoxical it may seem, before you tie the knot, it can help to go to couples counseling. Though many couples entranced in the honeymoon phase brushRead More →

Why is it that we sometimes feel reluctant to become close to others? There are those of us who avoid closeness because we do not wish to need people. Others keep their distance because they are hesitant to trust and to have that trust broken. Some do not want toRead More →

Week of December 24-30, 2017 I really enjoy the beginning of a new year. It’s always brimming with hope and optimism, as well as endless lists of resolutions we swear we’re going to attack but only work toward for a few days at most. There is one resolution, however, thatRead More →