cracking aces documentary

When it comes to film festivals its not often we can say that the women in poker are being showcased. Clearly as the article title says, this is not the case anymore. Cracking Aces Documentary is now showing at film festivals. Its about a woman’s place at the poker table and features many of the female poker players we have come to grow and love.

Cracking Aces gives a closer look at the pioneering women who challenged stereotypes and broke the proverbial glass ceiling of professional poker playing to hold their own against men at the poker table.

It is not known when the cracking aces documentary will be available for public viewing. For now though, you can view the trailer RIGHT HERE!

Produced by Tracy Halcomb and directed by H. James Gilmore for Acadia Pictures. This is the second film showcased this year about women in poker. Another film, Mollys Game can be read about, right here.

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