Lupe Soto Growing Poker from WOmen to Seniors

Lupe Soto is a name many of us in poker may have seen. She is this weeks Women’s Poker World, Women in Poker Spotlight! What is behind this name, or rather, what is behind this remarkable woman poker player? Lupe Soto is one of the poker players who behind the scenes is kicking some serious butt. Lupe does this on a daily basis and its all in the name of the growth of poker. Lupe Soto growing poker for women to seniors. Lets learn about her and all she does for us!

Lupe Soto Also plays poker and isnt just an ambassador for woman poker players
Lupe Soto on the other side of the poker table having a win!r us!

Lupe Soto LIPS! Ladies International Poker Series

If you haven’t heard of Lupe Soto growing poker for women to seniors then you may not have heard of LIPS. LIPS, stands for Ladies International Poker Series. Its a very popular series among our woman poker players. They have been around for many years and has helped with the growth of females in poker. They hold tournaments through the year and encourage female poker players to get involved in the game. Ladies International Poker Series help women poker players make their way through to the WSOP ladies event. The also encourage and support players to other large tournaments, even the WSOP main event. These women are everywhere from California to Reno with tournaments coming up soon as part of ladies poker week in Las Vegas. If you have ever wondered who the faces behind the scenes are, Lupe Soto is one of them, the main one in fact.

LIPS Up and Coming Ladies Week Event

This year Lupe has organized this year’s LIPS Ladies Poker Week tourney series. It is packed full of wonderful events to be held at The Orleans. There are three open events for the men to join in. One of these is the ever popular “Tag Team Switch” tournament! Also included this year is the Omaha 8 tournament. To get more details: READ HERE.

The Women in Poker Hall of Fame!

And next we have: Lupe Soto growing poker for women to seniors touching on the Women’s Poker Hall of Fame! The women’s poker hall of fame is to honor women in poker. It celebrates excellence, contribution and performance. The Women’s Poker Hall of Fame was founded by the Ladies International Poker Series (or, on a more personal level – Lupe Soto growing poker for women to seniors). It also recognizes other friends of the Wome

Lupe Soto LIPS at Poker Gives
Lupe Soto at one of the Poker Gives Fund Raisers Adorned with LIPS!

n in Poker Hall of Fame who have contributed significantly to women in poker. WiPHOF partners with Poker Gives.

WiPHoF Charity Efforts

Lupe Soto supports Poker Gives. It is a charity organization who’s mission is to provide financial aid and humanitarian efforts to mainstream charities through support from the poker industry. Collectively this industry and the players have an opportunity to actually make a difference and to create a better world. They do this by providing a variety of social services to those in need. I am sure its safe for Women’s Poker World to thank Lupe Soto for doing this for us all!

WiPHoF Ceremony

The 2018 Women in Poker Hall of Fame Induction Ceremony takes place Tuesday, June 26th, 2018 at The Orlean’s Casino in Las Vegas. We hope you’ll join in to witness poker history! – You can contact Committee Chair (none other than) Lupe Soto – for more details.

Lupe Soto & the Senior Poker Tour!

Lastly, our spotlight on Lupe Soto growing poker for women to seniors is the seniors part! Lupe Soto focuses a lot of time and energy on our senior poker players. She is a forefront in the Senior Poker Tour. The next event for them is only 10 more days after the date of this article being the SPT Magnolia State Senior Poker Championship series. This event will be held at the Horseshoe Casino in Tunica MS! Feb 22nd-25th. The hosts are the fabulous Linda Johnson, Jan Fisher and Susie Isaacs, all from the Women’s Poker Hall of Fame!

Importance of Play for Seniors

In a book I recently read by Psychologist and well known Poker Author Dr. Alan Schoonmaker (called “Stay Young Play Poker” which can be found by clicking the link), the importance of playing poker for many of our seniors was clear. Lupe dedicating so much time and energy to ensuring suitable games for our senior players is beyond a good deed for poker and society. With overwhelming evidence that seniors want to play in a field of their peers when viewing the amount of players at the WSOP seniors event, its clear that Lupes’ work is appreciated. Senior Poker Tour provides a venue to feature senior players with a traveling series filled with a wide variety of games that many grew up on. Their series not only includes Texas Holdem, but includes mixed games of Omaha 8, Stud 8, Horse, and Pot Limit Omaha.

Senior Poker Tour at Venetian Poker Room
Senior Poker Tour Being Held at the Venetian. Another of Lupes’ passions!

Congrats & Thank You Lupe Soto!

Women’s Poker World thanks Lupe for all she does and likely can thank her on behalf of you. Lupe Soto growing poker for women to seniors is hopefully something for everyone to warmly think of next time they sit down at a poker table and play against their female or senior peers!

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