NCPO Considering Battle of Sexes Event

As part of international women’s day, Women’s Poker World has learned that long time poker player and Tournament runner Mel Judah is working out the final details for a new event for his staple New Caledonia Poker Open tournament.  The Battle of the Sexes tournament : Men Poker Teams vs Women Poker Teams, is the latest creation from Judah, who previously introduced the wildly successful cash out tournament poker structure, where a player can cash out all or any portion of their earned chips at any point in a tournament for real cash.

The Battle of the sexes event will be composed of 10 men and 10 women with 2 people making up each unisex Men Poker Team vs Women’s Poker Team.  Right now we are seeing a lot of interest in the idea, so we hope to have this option available for our players in the very near future, said Judah.  The idea shows promise as an increasing number of women are flocking to the game.

Many of the newest sponsored pros are women and women are placing higher and higher in major poker events.  In fact if a global resurgence of poker is experienced many think it will be women who will carry it there.  As more and more women join the poker community, events like the Battle of the Sexes and Men Poker Teams vs Women Poker Teams will play a key role in determining the fairer sex at the poker table.  Player’s and rail-birds alike anticipate Judah’s latest concept.

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