Female Poker Players India
Nine Indian Women Poker Players are set for the Deltin Poker tournament Goa India. Among these nine women is the named first ever professional Indian female poker player Muskan Sethi who will lead the team. The initiative is thanks to 9stacks, one of the newest online poker websites in India. 9stacks decided to take a unique approach and decided to sponsor the nine leading woman poker players in India. The Deltin Poker tournament Goa is India’s biggest poker event. It is held at the Deltin Royale Casino in Goa and ends on the 19th of Feb with its starting date the 12th.

The nine women players are from all different parts of India and all have various  trades and positions outside poker. These roles include journalists and social workers. 9stack have dubbed as the women in poker as the ‘Nine Missketeers’.

The Missketeers are made up of Muskan Sethi (team leader), Radhika Mahalingaiah, Chandni Malik, Simrit Tiwana, Rupal Bansal, Lavanya Thota, Ritu Chadha, Prashaste Sinha and Sakshi Misra.


This is a good move for women in poker with Indian Women Poker Players standing up. It is a big help to bring equality to the game, especially in such a male dominated up and coming poker country. Women’s Poker World hopes to see more of the Nine Missketeers at the tables, maybe over the coming 2018 WSOP.

To see other Indian Women Poker Players be sure to check back to our Women in Poker Section. We have an up and coming exclusive on Muskan Sethi and tournament updates on the way. We really cant wait to see how these women have done against their male counterparts. Standing up and being sponsored Indian Women Poker Players has got to be hard! We again, wish all nine women the best of luck in their poker endeavors.

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