Womens Poker Association Player of the Year

The poker climate is primed to embrace women in poker like never before.  Women’s Poker Association (WPA) felt it was perfect timing to create an additional way to recognize the achievements of women players for 2019. How it works: Women’s Poker Association is not a poker tour. It is anRead More →

Gambling Laws and Morals

On this episode of the Dr Nick and the Hot Aussie Chick Show we discuss a new development in Dr. Nick’s ongoing struggle against the casino gaming industry.  A complexity of law suits that Dr. Nick has brought against various gaming related organizations has led to what he believes isRead More →

Women In Poker Hall of Fame

The Women in Poker Hall of Fame 2018 has two tremendous women being inducted during ladies poker week in June 2018. Lets take a look at the inductees. A big congrats to Maria Ho and Lupe Soto on their achievements and their induction. LUPE SOTO Lupe Soto – It’s fittingRead More →

Gambling Laws and Morals

This week on Dr. Nick and The Hot Aussie Chick Dr. Nick tries to reason why his WSOP Media Credentials were denied. But in short, they talk about the 2018 Blackjack Ball Scoop and Black Widow Poker. YOU are given an exclusive sneak peak into the happenings in the veryRead More →

cracking aces documentary

When it comes to film festivals its not often we can say that the women in poker are being showcased. Clearly as the article title says, this is not the case anymore. Cracking Aces Documentary is now showing at film festivals. Its about a woman’s place at the poker tableRead More →

Mothers Day Gifts

Shopping for a stylish gift for that special mom in your life? Think about giving her your presence — and then wrap up a little present that she’ll never want to return. Forget mom jeans. Here are some mothers day gifts to get you started: —Scarf it up! Scarves areRead More →

poker time clock strategy

Many people look beyond the obvious use of a poker time clock and strategy for using time in their play online. Poker time clocks, what are they for? Can they be used as a bomb, a lethal weapon? You all know what they are for, no question! That’s not whatRead More →

are you a workaholic

When career becomes life and there are virtually no boundaries in between, work is no longer a connection. How could it possibly be? There’s nothing it can connect you to! In the same way an alcoholic hides behind a bottle, you could be using your work (or rather, be aRead More →

Party Bus for Ladies Poker

Ladies Poker Week Las Vegas 2018 is set in stone with an impressive list of tournaments and events. Here is your comprehensive guide and event schedule. Most ladies know about the WSOP Ladies Event, but, there are others events to play hosted by Helix Poker, LIPS and Aria. There areRead More →

Female Poker Player Muskan Sethi

There has been much contraversy within the Indian Poker Community over many years. The rivalry between software developers and already pronounced online poker rooms that cater for the country has been huge. Though the rotten eggs seemed to be have pushed aside. Now, PokerStars has opened to the Indian MarketRead More →

Gambling Laws and Morals

So, would you play poker against President Donald Trump? Most people will simply do a quick calculation and answer yes or no. When it comes to negotiations, business and poker though, one should maybe think a little harder. The psychology of poker is discussed in detail in this show. DuringRead More →

Omaha Rules for Beginners

Below is how to play and also the basic rules of omaha. This strategy article is Omaha Rules for Beginners only. Omaha is much like the popular and always booming Texas Hold’em poker. There is however one huge difference between the two. The main difference between Omaha and Texas Hold’emRead More →