Omaha Rules for Beginners

Below is how to play and also the basic rules of omaha. This strategy article is Omaha Rules for Beginners only. Omaha is much like the popular and always booming Texas Hold’em poker. There is however one huge difference between the two. The main difference between Omaha and Texas Hold’emRead More →

Swimwear Vegas Summer

It’s summer somewhere… and if you’re lucky enough to escape for a tropical getaway anytime soon or to ve headed over for the WSOP and a Vegas Summer, chances are you’ve been shopping for a swimsuit. And whether you’re suiting up for a vacation in paradise or just want toRead More →

Poker Professonal Jennifer Harman Influential

Well known and loved professional poker player Jennifer Harman has been noted as one of the most influential women impacting the world in 2018. She is the Nevada selection and joins a list of very powerful women. These women include Oprah Winfrey, Beyonce, Chelsea Clinton, Sheryl Sandberg, Sally Yates, BetteRead More →

Women in Poker Janet Fitzgerald

Not so many people have won three WSOP circuit rings in their lifetime. There are even less Women in Poker who have reached these heights. Janet Fitzgerald is one of them now, she has taken down her 3rd WSOP ring, this one in in Cherokee. There were over 1200 entriesRead More →

Womens Poker Association

The Womens Poker Association Launch was April 1 2018. As descrbed on the WPA site it is a global membership-based site for female poker players. Formed by women in poker for women in poker. The WPA plans on elevating the poker experience for women poker players worldwide. Womens Poker AssociationRead More →

Women in Poker Helix Diamond Bracelet

Helix Poker reveal Diamond Bracelet Prize after earlier this year publicising that they were hosting some events for Ladies Poker Week in Las Vegas. More details have come through on the spectacular events that are organised for the ladies of poker from the Max Pawn Cocktail Party right through toRead More →

Curucao Visitors See Color and Tranquility

I knew that the Caribbean island of Curacao was unfamiliar to many Americans, but the flight attendant’s words still caught me by surprise. Announcing our destination, she stumbled over the pronunciation and admitted, “I don’t know how to say the name of that island.” Maybe the name — pronounced cure-a-sowRead More →

Women In Poker Hall of Fame

The following women in poker have been nominated and selected as candidates for the Women in Poker Hall of Fame 2018. Here are the women in alphabetical order. They will now be voted on by the current women in poker hall of fame standers and and authorised voting panel. HereRead More →

Makeup for essential makeup bag items

Spring gets all the love when it comes to cleaning, but the truth is that there’s never a bad time to get your most important accessory your makeup bag in order. If you’re feeling the urge to purge last year’s leftover cream blush and that half-crumbled eye-shadow palette that makesRead More →