It seems it was just yesterday that professional female poker player Ashley Hine and Husband David Hine submitted their video to be contestants on the TV show The Wall. The Hines are one step closer to this dream as are their supporters from both twitch and the poker world to cheer them on. In the last news article about this we explained how this cute couple were planning on donating a good part of their winnings if selected to a needy charity, and then began the waiting game.

In the article about their audition we explained that this kind heart-ed and beautiful couple only ever do it big and that its to no surprise to the editors and staff at Womens Poker World (facebook page) that a large chunk of the Hines winnings will go to a very needy and deserving charity being, HELP (Health Education and Literacy Providers), a ministry in Nigeria, Africa

Glassman media has contacted the Hines and how exciting for them and the poker community (etc) that this fabulous pair have been asked to submit another video! It seems they are one step closer to being part of whats become one of the most watched game shows world wide. The video will be produced and made available in the coming days for all to see. Women’s Poker World will be sure to post it up for you! In the meantime, we wish the Hines all the skill and luck needed to produce a casting video to knock off the socks of the producers, though, who would expect anything else with this pair?

For anyone wanting information on this fabulous TV show, you can check out how it works here on Wikipedia or go watch it on TV, to get a grasp, alternatively you can head to their website:

In a facebook post made just now, Ashley Hine expresses her thanks to all those from the poker and twitch community that have supported her and David and is hoping that they soon will be contestants. Here’s hoping they are after the next video production for the good of HELP, The Hines and most of all the ratings of this fabulous TV show which will beyond a doubt go through the roof on the Hines episode!

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