Female Poker Player Muskan Sethi

There has been much contraversy within the Indian Poker Community over many years. The rivalry between software developers and already pronounced online poker rooms that cater for the country has been huge. Though the rotten eggs seemed to be have pushed aside. Now, PokerStars has opened to the Indian Market and Signs Female Poker Player Muskan Sethi. What will the likely outcome for poker in India be like?

PokerStars Opens in India and Signs Female Poker Player Muskan Sethi is a heading that we happily write. Is poker in India now set to boom? Over not just the last year, but the many years before hand we have seen Indian Poker Players turn sideways when it comes to playing online poker. This has been obvious with software developers rambling abuse in places like the IPPA (Indian Poker Players Aliance). The trust factor was lost for many players who have played with sites which are now, thankfully closed. Earlier on, 9Stacks poker seemed to gain back a lot of trust in the market and their team leader in the last article written by Womens Poker World just happened to be Muskan Sethi.

Gaining further trust in the Indian market is globally renowned poker giant PokerStars. Though there were many issues in the past, the online poker room has fixed all issues and moved forward. PokerStars is a name that Indian players have seen for years. They have most recently also seen Muskan Sethi written all over the place as the budding young player stomps her ground. The two names together can only be good for the about to boom market.

Is it a sensible and smart choice by pokerstars to select Female Poker Player Muskan Sethi as an ambassador?  Muskan Sethi has a minimal amount of live cashes (around 50k). Muskan is a beautiful young woman with a personality to match her stunning looks. Womens Poker World are a little bias and are pleased a woman has been selected as a PokerStars India Ambassador. Muskan has been honoured in the past by the Indian Government. A certain trusted woman.

A Change in Online Poker India

PokerStars.in and Muskan will make a fabulous pair and should crush the Indian Online Poker Arena. India has millions of people that can play. It is possible that this will open a new poker boom combining a massive populated country and a female poker player. We wish the parties the best of luck in this new endeavour and above and beyond all:

Thank god that the Indian Online Poker Market will no longer be a volotile market with lack of trust and online dangers due to non reputable companies (names not mentioned in this article) that have ripped off players and associates, busines partners and the like. Stand aside frauds, Muskan and PokerStars are now in the house leaving little room for online poker dangers for Indian players! Only the honorable rooms are now likely to survive. Many who frequent the IPPA facebook page.

Congrats again to Female Poker Player Muskan Sethi. Also a big thank you to 9stacks for bringing Muskan originally to our eyes!

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