Liz Lieu Professional Female Poker Player

Liz Lieu professional female poker player was born in Vietnam in 1974 and is 44 years old at the date of this article. We must say though, her beauty and tranquility stands out and she certainly doesn’t look her age. Liz is a player that has been around for aRead More →

Elanit Hasas Poker

Elanit Hasas is the first of the many expected Woman Poker Player Center Stage highlights. This section on Women’s Poker World comes about due to the Women’s Poker Association Player of the Year Spotlight which we are closely watching. Their Spotlight puts the Female Poker Players on our center stage!Read More →

Jackie Glazier Professional Female Poker Player

Jackie “Jackstar” Glazier is an Australian professional female poker player from Melbourne, Australia. Of most recent times, Jackie found herself bluffing and betting her odds on the TV show survivor. This was one of Jackstar’s favorite TV shows before (and after) her own entry and she played the game well.Read More →

women's poker club

Associations, leagues, groups or clubs? A group of women in poker is basically a women’s poker club, right? In any event, 2019 has seen the strengthening of women in poker like never before. Though the year has just started with few women only poker tournaments playing at the moment. BehindRead More →

Poker Professonal Jennifer Harman Influential

Well known and loved professional poker player Jennifer Harman has been noted as one of the most influential women impacting the world in 2018. She is the Nevada selection and joins a list of very powerful women. These women include Oprah Winfrey, Beyonce, Chelsea Clinton, Sheryl Sandberg, Sally Yates, BetteRead More →

Woman Poker Player Louise Francoeur

It has been a big week for women in poker at the WSOPC being held at the RIO Las Vegas. Woman Poker Player Louise Francoeur has made a hat trick for ladies. She is the thrid woman to win a WSOPC ring this circuit series. Loni Harwood won a ringRead More →

Woman Poker Player Julie Shozi Real Grinders Bounty Event

The LAPC25 is on at the Commerce Casino Los Angeles including the very popular Real Grinders event! The Real Grinders are a group of exactly that, real grinders that talk poker and of course play poker, live poker and breath poker. This years Los Angeles Poker Classic Real Grinders BountyRead More →

Jackie Glazier Set for 2018 WSOP

Female Poker Player Jackie Jackstar Glazier Wins the Jackstar $50,000.00 Bracelet Chase held in South Australia over the weekend along with her WSOP package for 2018! Three other woman poker players made the top 24. Ironically the fabulous Australian female poker player is featured in the background in her winRead More →

Wacky Weather Gardening Tips

You spent hours plotting your vegetable garden out on paper, checked the calendar for recommended planting dates, purchased saplings and ordered the very best seeds you could afford. Then came the hours of bending and kneeling and carefully planting the promised delectables when suddenly, you hear the weather forecast ItRead More →